We will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to determine the condition and if there is any storm related damage. We will create diagrams and use photos to show you the extent of any damage we find. After you know what is going on with your roof, we will talk about what options you have.

If you decide that filing an insurance claim is the best route to take, we will help you provide all the accurate data needed to your insurance company to file the claim successfully.

We will use proprietary softwares to create your unique scope of work in a format that is recognizable and accepted by your insurance company. This makes the process easier and its more likely that the insurance company will accept this scope of work.

Our experience as a contractor and familiarity with the insurance process makes us the best at communicating with your adjuster effectively to get all the line items included in your statement of loss. Remember that even the best adjusters are human and may miss something from time to time.

In rare cases, the insurance company may not agree with your scope of work. If that happens, we are ready to help you exercise your rights and take your claim through the appraisal process. If you have already made it this far on your own and are not happy with the results, let us take a look at your claim and see if we can help. Many of our customers came to us with only a handful of shingles being paid for, and with our help, ended up with a brand new roof!

Once both parties agree on the scope of work, we will meet with you to choose the materials and colors for your new roof!

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