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A roof is one of your most important investments. When it’s time to install a new roof or repair the existing one, you want the job done right, and that means choosing a reputable roofing contractor.

English Roofing provides high-quality residential and commercial roofing services in Clarksville, Indiana. Our skilled and certified roofers can install, replace, or repair all kinds of roofing. Our range of professional services include:

● Roofing
● Siding
● Insulation
● Gutters/Guards
● Doors and Windows

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Clarksville Residential Roofing Services

Your home is one of your most significant investments, and a roof is essential to protect your family and other possessions and can enhance your home’s value. At English Roofing, we use industry-recommended, high-quality materials to protect your property and loved ones.

Our skilled and experienced roofers can install all types of residential roofing. We also offer residential roof inspection services to detect any faults in your roof before they grow into bigger and more costly problems.

English Roofing can also process insurance claims on your behalf to ensure fair compensation and quick repairs. Our residential roofing services include:

● Leaking roof repairs
● Hail damage repair
● Flashing repair
● Shingle roofing
● Flat roofing
● Metal roofing
● Ventilation installation and repair

Our prices are also some of the most competitive in the Clarksville, Indiana area. Call us today for all your residential roofing needs.

Clarksville Commercial Roofing Services

If you’re looking to install, replace, or repair roofing for your commercial property in Clarksville, look no further than English Roofing. We have expertise and experience handling all types of commercial roofing structures and problems.

We specialize in the following commercial roofing services:

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO): If you want to enjoy the benefits of a rubber roof without having to break a bank, you might want to try TPO. This roofing membrane provides a completely sealed system with hot-air welded seams.
Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM): If you’re looking for a commercial roofing solution that is exceptionally durable and easy to maintain, you can’t go wrong with EPDM. It is one of the most widely used roofing membranes in the US, thanks to its durability and easy maintenance.
Coatings: English Roofing is a reputable supplier of Henry Roof Coatings in Clarksville, Indiana. These coatings can improve your roof’s longevity by up to 20 years.

We understand that roof maintenance is vital to prolonging your roof’s life and protecting the roofing system from unnecessary damage. We offer two commercial roof maintenance programs: yearly and bi-yearly.
You can choose a program that suits your specific needs and budget. Our roof maintenance program includes:

● Initial inspection
● Annual or bi-annual inspections
● Personalized maintenance checklist
● Warranties
Want to learn more about us and our roofing services? Give us a call today.

Roof Replacement & Repair in Clarksville, Indiana

At English Roofing, we can replace any roofing system. Our certified roofing experts can handle the most complex roofing structures and get the work done quickly and within your budget. We use the best quality roofing products to keep your roof strong and durable.

We also offer a range of professional roof repair services in the Clarksville area, addressing problems such as:

● Leaking roofs
● Missing tiles
● Lost shingles
● Wind damage
● Hail damage
● Snow/ice damage
● Nail pops
● Damaged flashing
● Ventilation and ridge vents

We also offer 24-hour emergency roof repair services. If you notice a leak on your roof, or storm damage has wreaked havoc on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our emergency crew will get to your place as soon as possible and offer the best solution.

Why Choose Our Clarksville Roofing Services

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We’re a locally-owned, bonded, licensed company, meaning you’ll get our help whenever you need it.

100% Transparent
At English Roofing, our prices are straightforward, and we don’t have hidden costs. Our roofing experts will talk you through every step to ensure you fully understand the project.

Insurance Experts
Processing insurance claims can be challenging and time-consuming, but you don’t have to face your insurance company yourself. We can handle the entire process, from inspection and filing the claim to negotiation and repairs.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Besides having a team of experienced professionals, we also provide the best quality products and outstanding customer service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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