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English Roofing, a trustworthy roofing company in Corydon, IN, isn’t your average home improvement company. As a locally owned and operated business serving Indiana, we understand our customers’ needs like the backs of our hands. We specialize in the newest technologies and most efficient techniques to service your residential or commercial structural improvements.

What makes us different, you ask? In addition to our local customer intimacy, we have extensive experience working with insurance companies. Filing insurance claims for repairs or installations can be an intimidating task. English Roofing knows how to navigate the ins and outs of insurance claims and will guide you every step of the way.

No project is too complicated for us. When we say we are at your service, we mean it. Our resources are comprehensive, including but not limited to top-of-the-line insurance and inspection software, as well as state-of-the-art equipment. We also have public adjusters on staff.

Many satisfied clients have shared their testimonials and experiences on our website – we think these customer reviews speak for themselves.

Residential Roofing

A well-maintained roof protects your home in every way. Much like how your skin takes the most harm while protecting all your other organs, your roof takes the hardest hits while keeping your home free from leaks, punctures, and other damages. It is exposed to the sun’s intense heat, winter’s icy layers, hail storms, and everything in between.

Whether you are repairing or replacing your roof, we work with your insurance company to ensure your claim is processed in a timely and efficient manner. We repair and install roofing types, including shingle roofing, low slope roofing, flat roofing, and metal roofing.

Commercial Roofing

English Roofing uses only the highest-quality roofing membranes and coatings on our commercial buildings. But we don’t stop there. We offer a maintenance program that will extend your commercial roofing’s lifespan for decades. Our program features the following benefits:

● Affordability
● Initial inspection
● Annual or biannual observations
● Custom maintenance checklist
● Warranties

We are a certified installer for Versico Roofing Systems, which offers multiple warranty options, including materials and labor, for many years.

Metal Roofing

Our metal roofing is backed by a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your home. The ProVia brand of metal roofing is known for its aesthetic appeal and long-lasting integrity. Our experts can help you determine the right style and color for your home’s design and your personal preferences.

Roofing Repair Services

As a roofing company in Corydon, IN, it is essential to live up to our local reputation as a progressive, cutting-edge organization. By serving residential and commercial clients, we have expanded our offerings and expertise to a broad customer base.

Does your roof need English Roofing repair services? If you notice any of the following problems, it may be time to give us a call.

● Broken or damaged shingles
● Spots or stains that indicate water damage
● Sagging
● Clogged gutters
● Damaged or broken roof flashing
● Animals or other pests living in your attic
● Algae or moss growing on your roof
● Ice dams in the winter

Any of these concerns may mean that you need roof repairs; however, they may also indicate the need for a full roof replacement. Our goal is to uphold honesty and integrity in our recommendations, and we will only introduce replacement options if we genuinely believe they are necessary after a thorough inspection.

And There’s More

While roofing is our specialty, English Roofing offers various other exterior home improvements such as the installation and repair of:
• Siding
• Windows
• Doors
• Gutters
• Insulation

These components all play a role in your home’s protection and efficiency. While you may be tempted to tackle many of these projects yourself, our experts have trained eyes that can catch small problems before they become much more challenging and expensive down the road.

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Let’s Talk Roofing

As a local roofing company in Corydon, IN, our experts are intimately connected to our region, demographics, and customers. We understand our clients’ concerns and budgets and are proud to offer the highest-quality home improvement services. Our free estimate includes advice on how you can protect your investment and increase your home’s value with a well-maintained roofing system.

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Shingle Styles & Colors

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